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Fintech Lending in India- DLAI Blog

Fintech Lending in India

January 16, 2019

India as a consumer market is fairly complex in terms of geography, cultural preferences and consumer behaviour. For any given product or service, there are multiple consumer segments, each with its own unique set of buying preferences. But a common unifying factor is the ubiquity of mobile connectivity and the rapid adoption of the internet as a data source influencing the buying decision.
Data-driven credit for SMEs- DLAI Blog

Data-driven credit for SMEs

October 30, 2018

SME lending in India has caught the attention of Bankers and FinTechs alike. Lending to SMEs is expected to increase up to 23% by 2023, and data will be the driving force behind this growth. The opening up of alternative data sources and the ease of access to APIs have made credit assessment robust and easier for lenders and customers. Initiatives like GST(N) and Bharat Bill Pay System (BBPS)…
Credit History – What Works and What Doesn’t for Business Loans- DLAI Blog

Credit History – What Works and What Doesn’t for Business Loans

July 6, 2018

Many a time, business owners encounter constraints based on credit score and credit history while applying for loans. If you are familiar with credit evaluation companies like CIBIL, Equifax, Experian, Highmark, you might already know about credit scores. Going a step further, lending companies also assess businesses based on their credit history. In simpler terms,
How should Regulators Support FinTech: A Comprehensive Guide- DLAI Blog

How should Regulators Support FinTech: A Comprehensive Guide

July 4, 2018

FinTech is driving the new business model and dramatically changing the face of the financial domain with the latest tech-savvy tools, which offer increased productivity in the most efficient and cohesive manner. With such great advantages, it is also challenging the government and the regulatory bodies to come up with laws, which strike the right